1. PatientAlign Rendezvous: As the healthcare landscape continues to change, hospitals are more and more conscious of the ”fallout” between patient referral and first appointment.  PatientAlign Rendezvous’ proven patient intake technology assists both the inbound patient  and the onboarding staff with that all important journey to first appointment
  2. Patient appointment facilitation
    1. Tracks the new patient through all steps of the onboarding process
    2. Collects personal and diagnosis information for proper routing
    3. Collects insurance and payment information
    4. Keeps the new patient informed of what to expect during the process
    5. Assist in all travel, from near or far, associated with first visit
    6. Document uploading to assist in gathering patient records
    7. 2 way secure messaging between staff and patient
    8. Assignment of proxy users for caregivers assisting the new patient through the process
  3. Staff side tracking
    1. Routing to the proper internal department or center based on patient profile and diagnosis
    2. Balanced assignment to internal staff personnel based on current work load and past performance
    3. 360 degree visibility to all patients in the first appointment queue allowing for offered assistance to keep the process flowing.
  4. Diagnosis based content
  5. Multi-center routing and support
  6. PatientAlign Vitals
    1. Track Pain, blood pressure, & blood sugar levels
    2. Interact with patient through email and SMS
    3. Physician alerts
  7. PatientAlign Executive
    1. Dashboards for executive and manager levels
    2. Extensive report catalog
    3. Ad-hoc reporting