Speridian offers experienced, trained patientalign® consultants with a comprehensive set of business consulting, project planning, technical architecture, application development and implementation and upgrade support services skill sets and expertise.

patientalign® consultants are a critical component of the implementation process through our system integration partners or directly to customers. They are trained on the latest version of the patientalign® platform and have access to the patientalign® Knowledge Base. Most of our professionals have years of experience working with case management systems and with State and Federal agencies. This domain expertise, coupled with deep technical and product skills, makes patientalign® consultants uniquely qualified to help partners and customers deliver a successful project, on-time and on-budget.

Full Project Life Cycle Support

Speridian provides full project life cycle services to assist with patientalign® implementations. We follow Agile development methods fused with a more formal Project Management and QA process.

Planning and Requirements

All successful projects begin with a vision for change. That vision must then be shaped into a concrete project plan. patientalign® consultants can help create a plan that delivers early business benefits, reduces risk through more frequent deployments and integrates the patientalign® solution with the existing environment. The result is a clear vision of the solution, a compelling business case for change and an accurate cost and time estimate.

Integration and Deployment

During this phase, attention turns to integration, testing and deployment. With the pre-built standard integration and hosting options, patientalign® accelerates integration and deployment solutions through:

  • Using proven patientalign® accelerator tools and techniques
  • Bringing-to-bear insight and know-how in areas such as rules, workflow and correspondence
  • Configuring the solution to meet the business and technical design
  • Accessing product and technical specialists to assist during testing by quickly troubleshooting issues and tuning the patientalign® application
Quality Assurance and Project Management

Throughout the project delivery life cycle, our Quality Assurance and Project Management teams employ a formal process and methodology to ensure production readiness. The process includes executing test scripts for each project phase, integration testing, end-user training, user acceptance testing (UAT), roll-out finalization and adoption strategy, production support guide review and performance testing.