Annual Event to Celebrate Healthcare Staff Impacting Patient Experience Every Day

Irvine, California, Apr. 20, 2014: Recognizing and encouraging global efforts to improve the healthcare experience for patients, their families and caregivers, Speridian Technologies celebrates the first annual Patient Experience (PX) Week April 28 – May 2, 2014.

PX Week is brought to the healthcare community by The Beryl Institute, the global community of practice and premier thought leader on improving patient experience in healthcare.

Inspired by members of the Institute community, PX Week provides a focused time for organizations to celebrate accomplishments, reenergize efforts and honor the people who impact patient experience every day. From nurses and physicians, to support staff and executive professionals, to patients, families and communities served, the Institute hopes to bring together healthcare organizations across the globe to observe PX Week.

Speridian is excited to recognize Patient Experience Week. Over the last couple of years, Speridian has invested significant resources in developing solutions to improve the Patient Experience. This year, Speridian released an innovative web portal called PatientAlign, which considerably enhances the Patient Experience through a number of patient focused features. Recognizing that the Patient Experience begins well before they step through the door for the first time, PatientAlign assists the patient and the on-boarding staff beginning with the pre-registration process all the way to their arrival for their first appointment. Upon discharge, the PatientAlign suite continues to engage the patient with monitoring critical recovery metrics to ensure the positive Patient Experience does not end at discharge. The suite is rounded out with intuitive business intelligent dashboards that enable executives to track and make changes to address practices that positively impact the patient experience.

"Speridian is committed to develop solutions which will create a true benchmark in Patient Experience. Speridian will continue to invest in technology innovation and help the Patient Advocacy groups in achieving their goals within a realistic timeframe" said KP Hari, Managing Partner, Speridian Technologies.

"In addition to the PatientAlign Engage, PatientAlign Vitals and PatientAlign Executive, the three flagship products which provides the required tools to improve Patient Experience, PatientAlign provides Customer Relationship Management modules that offers the 360 degree view of the Customer in a Care system" said Ken Lentz, Director, Strategic Accounts, Speridian Technologies.

PX Week will start the fourth Monday in April. The Institute has compiled a list of suggested ways to celebrate PX Week and will also offer a series of free virtual educational opportunities on various aspects of patient experience improvement.

With the recent integration of the Society of Healthcare Consumer Advocacy (SHCA) to The Beryl Institute, PX Week also represents an exciting evolution of the previously observed Patient Advocacy Week and honors and expands this rich tradition.

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About The Beryl Institute:

The Beryl Institute is the global community of practice and premier thought leader on improving patient experience in healthcare. The Institute is committed to improving the patient experience by serving as a reliable resource for shared information and proven practices, a dynamic incubator of leading research and new ideas and an interactive connector of leaders and practitioners. The Institute is uniquely positioned to develop and publicize cutting-edge concepts focused on improving the patient experience, touching thousands of healthcare executives and patients.

The Beryl Institute defines the patient experience as the sum of all interactions, shaped by an organization's culture, that influence patient perceptions across the continuum of care.

About Speridian Technologies

Speridian specializes in delivering the highest quality, most cost-effective IT services to our global customers. We do this by building on our established capabilities while continually seeking out the most innovative technologies to bring our clients the maximum in long-term value. Speridian's comprehensive customer experience solutions bring clients a 360-degree view of each customer, facilitating regulatory compliance and increasing contact center efficiencies. Leveraging our expertise in analysis, implementation, support, and quality assurance and testing services in the CRM space, our global customers have enhanced their customer service and market share. An Oracle Platinum Partner, Speridian has built a multi-vertical portfolio of solution accelerators and reusable technology frameworks for the Healthcare, Life Sciences, Telecommunications, Manufacturing, Financial Services industries, and the Public Sector.

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