Diagnosis Based Content

During the time between referral and first appointment there is a wide spectrum of interest by each patient when it comes to understanding their potential diagnosis. The PatientAlign Engage system can provide a great deal of content, web based, printable and video, tailored specifically to the patient’s diagnosis. The Patient Experience is enhanced by the hospital sharing with them information, not only on their diagnosis, but also on what to expect during their visit to your hospital, such as expected tests and interviews.

  • Upload videos related to your medical records
  • Upload audio clips related to your medical records
    Documents & Other Files
  • Upload and edit all your important documents including Word, Excel, PDF, and many more.
    File Conversion:
  • With file and electronic content coming from a variety of different services, it becomes imperative to convert those files into a useable format. The PatientAlign® platform allows you to convert these files.