About Us

About Speridian

Speridian specializes in delivering the highest quality, most cost-effective IT services to our global customers. We do this by building on our established capabilities while continually seeking out the most innovative technologies to bring our clients the maximum in long-term value.

We are not only technical experts in CRM, data management, business intelligence and web application development, we also pride ourselves in being resourceful and creative. We offer a truly unique set of core competencies such as our deep business process and industry expertise, advanced analytics and research practice and a long-standing comprehensive understanding of business and technology solutions.

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Customer Relationship Management®

Speridian's unparalleled Health care solutions are the result of extensive, hands-on experience, covering every aspect of the complex business of customer relationship management.

Strategic Partnership

Speridian is proud to be a Platinum Partner with Oracle. Platinum Partners represent a premier level of expertise and experience with Oracle technologies and have a primary relationship with Oracle.